Around the MLB in 30 Days: Day 14, The New York Yankees

New York Yankees  

 2013 85-77 3rd in AL East

 Last Season- The Yankees season was a Yankees fan worst nightmare. The team was often seen on ESPN, MLB Network and many newspapers for the circus that was their season. The big issue the team had last year was injuries. The Yankees DL often had a higher payroll than some MLB teams full roster payroll. Not only did they have those issues but A-Rod or A-Roid as some like to call him was hurt, then had to deal with the Biogenesis scandal. Instead of taking the suspension like others did A-Rod flew off the handle and created a media storm that followed the team officials around 24/7 and watched every move he made.  Also one of the best if not the best closer of all time Mariano Rivera announced that it would be his last season. So with all of us the Yankees were still able to put together a record about .500 but not good enough to crack the top of the AL East therefore missing the playoffs (baseball fans around rejoiced to the baseball gods).

Off Season- “Money is No object” should have been the headline for the Yankees this year, which isn’t surprising to anyone with a pulse. Masahahiro Tanaka, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Carlos Beltran all received massive contracts this offseason to join the Yankees to help this year.  Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson were also signed to smaller deals this offseason.  The team however lost Mariano (retirement) and second baseman Robinson Cano (Mariners) so they do have some holes still to fill on their roster.

This Season-  This is honestly a tough one for me to feel how things will go. The issue with this team in my opinion is age and health. The Yankee’s have a lot of talent but the talent they have is old, injury prone or unproven in the MLB (Tanaka). As much as I dislike the Yankees, if they can stay healthy their line up will be tough one to deal with. This is also Derek Jeter’s last season which could help them play on a high level every night trying to get one last playoff run with the captain. But like others Jeter is older and has a lot of health issues to deal with.  Once this team gets hot it will be tough to put them out but there is some question marks. Who will step up as the new closer? Who will play second base? Will they stay healthy? Can Tanaka play in the MLB? Will their age catch up to them?

Beware: Foul Language  

Prediction- 3rd in the AL East, 4th in the Wild card.  I see this team starting off hot but as the season progresses it will wear them down due to age. If they can somehow stay healthy this team will win the East but I don’t see them staying healthy at all this year..




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